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Almay vs. up & up (Target Brand)

I feel like I have tried every makeup wipe ever made and same goes with eye makeup removers. These week, I put the tried and true Almay Moisturizing Make-up Remover vs. up & up Makeup Remover 

 The Almay bottle is 4 oz and costs $5.99 at Target
 The up & up brand is 5.5 oz is $4.54
              (online prices from

up & up 
Obviously, the Target brand is a better value. You get more for less. (duh). But was it worth it?

uh NO. Its claims its oil-free but it leaves a oily, greasy mess around my eyes. I actually find myself wiping the grease off with a tissue after I'm done. An extra step I really do not want to have to make.

But then I told myself that if it worked well enough I would make the extra step. Again. NO. It takes off my surface eyeshadow, and my surface mascara. But it leaves gel liner behind, eye shadow bases and non waterproof mascara. Not okay. 

Almay Moisturizing
best stuff ever. Seriously. It does EXACTLY what it says. It moisturizes and removes my eye makeup. Go figure. I need to say no more. This stuff is perfect. No hard rubbing, no grease, no oil and no leftover makeup.

The price to .oz size is not an issue for me. I'll stick with paying the little bit extra for a little less product. I end up using less product in the end and saves!

What about you? Do you have a favorite holy grail eye makeup remover? 

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