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Okay, we have all see the pins on Pinterest about how to organize your makeup brushes in jars with either rice or beads. Cute, but not practical for me. I needed tons of jars (my Sigma brush handles are thick), tons of rice and a lot of tabletop space (which I have none of)! So what was I to do? I came across this mail slot sorter on a yard sale site on Facebook. They were asking $5 and hangs on the wall. I couldn't snatch it up fast enough!

I had my boyfriend help me hang it on the wall and I began organizing. One problem. The brushes didn't stand very well. So I improvised. I cut down toilet paper roll tubes so you couldn't see them and popped those in. Perfection! 

(Ewww, my brushes need a bath!) I plan on painting the cardboard tubes white, so you cant see them at all. But this works for now. I searched everywhere for this mail slot holder, but no luck. I did find some similar ones that could work here and a table top version here

I had a little extra room so I through in my Marc Jacobs perfume rollerballs for now. The center portion holds my eye brushes. Works great and has a lot of room to grow!

If you decide to try this out, let us know! We would love to see what you come up with!  

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