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Okay, here is the truth: I have extremely large pores. Larger than your average large pore. I feel like I have tried everything to get the appearance of them smaller. I know its virtually impossible to "permanently" shrink your pores (no matter what those tubes of lotion might tell you)! I'm not asking for much, I just want my makeup to look smooth!

So after years of product failures, I came across this pin about GlamGlow. I thought, yeah right. Its was just a pin and bottle of lies. I went to Sephora's website and read the reviews, thought to myself "oh how cute, these woman love this, but doubt it really works for me, keep your $70 Sephora". Thats when I set up to find others, similar to this "mud mask".

Target set all new Boots (No 7 and Botanicals) products, and I saw this clay mask. I then saw the $9.99 price tag (for 4.2oz), and could not throw it in my basket fast enough. It claims to "draw out impurities" which is what I new GlamGlow claimed. I had to give it a shot. Yeah, my skin felt soft and not dried out after the mask, but it did NOT pull out any impurities. My pores were still pretty large. You do get a tingling feeling when the mask is on, which to me is very relaxing. I asked my boyfriend to try the mask too, to see if it worked for him (he also has large pores) and he had the same results.

so I caved...                                    and I'm sooooo happy I did.

You can read all about what claims are and purchase it from Sephora here. My thoughts? Its a miracle worker. It drastically shrinks my pores (because it sucks all the gunk out) for at least a week, which has also kept my oil at bay. That brings me to my ONLY con for this product. When I received it, I was picturing a big, bulky jar, but this sucker is TINY (1.2oz) for the price. The bottle states it lasts for 17 full face masks (for 100 spot treatments). Comes to be about $4 a use.   Still a lot cheaper than getting "professional" extractions. Although the price does scare me, I will NEVER, EVER be without this product. My boyfriend and I BOTH use it weekly (for about 1 month so far) and still have quite a bit left. So about 8 total uses, and still well over half the jar left. 

Will I use the Boots Botanic mask again? Yes. I love face masks and I love pampering myself. Ive been using the Boots Clay Mask mid week, just to give my self some "girl" time, and help clarify my skin. With that said, I will not repurchase it once the bottle runs out.

Have you tried GlamGlow SuperMud Clearing Mask yet? They have a Exfoliating & Tingling Mask which sounds fun, I might try that next?

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